New years in Maldives

New Years Experience in the Maldives

Being a humble farm boy from Groutville, KZN, South Africa – holidays were either fishing weekends to St Lucia, Mbotyi and the Drakensberg. I had been out the country to a couple destinations. My trip to Israel, 10 days in Botswana, Sydney and New York. Never in my life did I think that I would be going to the Maldives. I was on my way to Club Med Kani Island.

This is were I want to introduce to you Amy (At the time of this article she is my girlfriend). Amy came into my life on a get away trip to Mboyti in the Transkie with ten other friends.  First time meeting her on the trip, she definitely caught my eye and I was very inquisitive – but to shy to say anything of substance to her. Long story short (I can make another blog post about how we started dating) we started dating. Amy comes from the most generous, loving, tight family of five. I love and respect them greatly. They gave me this incredible opportunity to visit Kani island in the Maldives

Snorkeling in Maldives
Snorkeling in Maldives

Early December of 2017, Amy’s mom messaged to say we need a meeting covered with a Plan B dessertery visit. At the table they asked, ” How would you like to join us for New Years in the Maldives”. In the below picture – this is what you see when you fly into the Maldives. In my head I was thinking “Simon, you starting at the top”! How was I going to top this experience off? Thankfully the experiences you make with people always remain the highlight and not the destination. I had the most insane opportunity in one of the greatest cities in the world, New York. Part of this lesson was learned when I got back home. I had the most amazing time but no mutual experience was made.

It was in this experience that I realized that humans are made to be in community. Life together has so much more. Beyond amazing destinations, amazing experiences, our hearts will always be looking for something greater. There is no substitution for Jesus. He will always be there in times of high for me, and in low. Sharing experiences with the creator is the highest privilege until we make our way home one day.

paragliding off boat

My highlight of the trip was parasailing behind a boat. Kani island is on in the southern atoll of the Maldives. The view from the experience was unbelievable. The islands are very close together with a clear outline of the reef protecting each island. Myself and Amy were terrified on the way up. She calmed me down soon after I realized the view.

Maldives - Kani - island

The stand outs for me on this trip was

  • The boat pickup from the airport (Not having to worry about that was great)
  • Going on an all inclusive package made the holiday very enjoyable.
  • The water sports were great. (snorkeling, canoeing, SUP, yachting)
  • Not having to worry about food. (It was an open dining room, breakfast, lunch and supper)

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