Live Stream to YouTube using Blackmagic Design and Wirecast

In the first quarter of this year – 2018 has bright futures for your live stream content to YouTube, Facebook and many other platforms. The barrier to online streaming is very low. With the dying trend of traditional TV, streaming online is becoming more convenient and cheaper for the viewer. Think about when last you turned on your TV and waited around an extra 15 minutes to watch your favorite show? My opinion is that you would rather find it instantly on Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO Go.

This video post has a very professional workflow but can be simplified down to a very simple device that can help you engage with your audience through streaming online. The Blackmagic design UltraStudio Mini Recorder.  Essentially it’s an h.264 encoder that makes your video content readable for many live streaming platforms. One of my best platforms to do this with is YouTube.

Your next step is to find a reliable streaming software that won’t let you down. My experiences have been OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and Wirecast.

When I started Live Streaming to YouTube I wanted the most user friendly, free software I could find. With little effort I found OBS. Adopted by the gamer community, OBS quickly became well known. Here are some reasons why I like OBS

  • You can add a text/image to your live videos.
  • OBS let you place a banner in case you want to pause the Live video
  • You can display your live screen or recorded screen videos while streaming
  • You can stream pre-recorded video as a Live Video or can even add them to your live videos
  • With OBS you can always switch to pre-recorded videos while streaming live

This is my only downside to this software. Open Broadcaster Software supports a variety of plug-ins to extend its functionality. Plug-ins are loaded as native code DLL files, although a plug-in is available that allows hosting of plug-ins written in the .NET Framework. So if you not a coder or as tech savvy as some this can be tough. This is one of the main reasons I use Wirecast.

As I progress with my Live Stream, I started to acquire team that now help me every Sunday at Linc Church. Every Sunday I would have to setup the live stream preferences with OBS among the other responsibilities I have on Sundays. Wirecast was the answer for me. It recognized the Mini Recorder instantly. OBS I found always had issues getting the PGM feed from the mini recorder. Here are some of my favorite functions about Wirecast.


  • Can broadcast to multiple services at once
  • Support for multiple cameras
  • Chroma key (blue/green screen)
  • Scene transitions
  • Built-in lower-third titling
  • Desktop Presenter – makes Macintosh or Windows Desktop available as a source
  • Receives H.264
  • 3D Graphics
  • QuickTime Streaming Server Support
  • Keynote Integration
  • Multiple Layers

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my workflow. I would also like to learn from you. Please add a comment of value.


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